Foldover Hot Pants™

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Remember, if you're not happy with your choice of size we'll pay to send you a replacement!



We made this measurement pro guide to help if you're looking to measure yourself and in the *unlikely* event you have a handy tape measure :)


Place a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is flat against your body but not too tight.


You need to measure your natural waist, which is between the bottom of your ribs and your hip bones. Place the tape around your waist at this point, making sure it's flat agaisnt your body. Be sure to give the tape 1/4 inch slack.


Place the tape around the widest part of your hips. This isn't necessarily the point where you feel your hip bone - usually it is where your bottom is fullest, 1-2 inches below the hip bone.


For best results you'll need a helper for this :) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and measure from the top of your inner leg to the bottom of your inner ankle. To get the most accurate number, measure each leg and then average the two.


Zaggora gives $5 from each of your orders so together we can support women and their families in the developing world.

Since 2003, Zaggora Founder Dessi Bell has been working with Gravis, a charity based in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. Gravis works with the United Nations Development Program and hundreds of other organizations to support around 1,2 million people and their families in over 1,300 remote villages.


Foldover Hot Pants™

Slim in style with your new Foldover Hotpants™ were the idea of a customer who emailed us wanting to have a fold over waistband to help her slim in style. So, with our award winning design team, we made these and she was thrilled. 

Zaggora powers over 1 million customers in 143 countries around the world.

Our Foldover Hotpants are made with our slimming ThermoFit™ fabric that uses your body’s heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. Clinical studies at the University of Southern California and University of Brighton have proven that Zaggora Foldover Hotpants™ helps you burn more calories and gives you a better cardio workout, with less effort.

Crafted with a super flattering cut, our Foldover Hot Pants™ are made with a skinny cut, which is further enhanced by the instant slimming effect of our ThermoFit™ fabric. Flat lock seams with anti­-chafe finish ensure that your Hot Pants™ are comfortable and durable. ThermoFit™ fabric is 4­way stretch for maximum comfort.

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We passionately believe in designing products that are genuinely effective and deliver results. We believe in helping others. That's why we give $5 from every order to help women in the developing world.

  • Over 1 million products sold
  • $5 from every order goes to Zaggora Giving
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