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Since 2011, our mission has been to help you Make It Count with the hotest workout ever. Since then, we’ve shipped over 1 million pairs of Hot Pants to customers. We’ve learnt and we’ve listened and after feedback from over 10,000 customers - we’re thrilled to now introduce Thermoluxe - our newest and best Hot Pants and Tank yet.

Amazingly flexible, thin, luxe to the touch, yet still delivering the best workout you can get. Thermoluxe insulates the natural body heat generated when exercising to increase the intensity of every workout to help you burn more calories.

We’ve been working with the best garment technologists in the world over the last 2 years to refine the perfect fabric. It’s just 0,44mm thin and has 6 times more stretch than previous versions of Hot Pants.

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Our new Thermoluxe fabric insulates the natural body heat generated from exercise because it’s scientifically proven that a hotter workout, is a better workout. The influence of heat during exercise has a long history of study. From athletes looking for an edge in competition to industry professionals wishing to improve efficiency, many scientists have examined the body’s response to physical activity in different temperature conditions. While much of this work has been aimed at maximizing performance, these findings can also be applied to current trends in health and fitness. Exercising in a warm environment presents an additional challenge compared to performing the same exercise in a cool environment. To maintain exercise intensity, various physiological systems are forced to work harder, thus increasing internal energy expenditure. This can be advantageous for weight management, offering a greater potential for negative energy balance. In layman’s terms, burning more calories that you’ve taken in creating a calorie deficit.

How we made it

From design to you

How we made it

From design to you

Our in-house London design team draws on inspiration from the arts and street style to create active inspired, versatile pieces for modern living. We work collaboratively with customers to engineer the finest fabrics for the optimal fit and feel. Since 2011, we’ve worked with the best crafts people around the world to source and construct technical pieces.

Every product starts with an idea based on customer feedback. Ideas are drawn and sketched by hand and brought to life in house by cutting and fitting each piece. We test wearability and fit extensively with multiple testers to ensure our products work on all body types, big and small.

We are one of handful of brands to offer a broad size range from US 4 (UK 8) to US 18 (UK 22). We also regularly visit all of our production facilities and we only work with partners who uphold the highest ethical standards and produce the finest craftsmanship.

How we filmed it

behind the scenes

How we filmed it

behind scenes

Our in-house creative team works with our designers to develop concepts for photo and video creatives that bring our collections to life. The shoot for Thermoluxe was made at Plough Studios in London with a fabulous team of photographers, hair and makeup stylists and athletic talent. The concept was to bring the products to life visually with a focus on the intensity of a hot workout that Thermoluxe provides. We hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes video of how we made it.

how we operate


how we operate


We believe in our responsibility to each other and to the planet. We believe in making products that are good for you and minimise our impact. This means being conscious each part of our design and supply chain has on us, others and the planet.

Here’s just a few of the steps we’re taking manufacture as sustainably as possible:

  • - Bio degradable packaging
  • - Using regenerated materials
  • - Sourcing raw materials close to production
  • - Partnership with WWF
  • - Using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton





Zaggora & the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) have created a special partnership to design a sustainable clothing collection that is kind to the environment.

Unlike conventional active wear which can be highly pollutant because it uses virgin plastic to manufacture the fabrics, Wild at Heart is made exclusively using organic cotton, a natural breathable fabric.

The WWF makes a hugely important contribution to the protection of our environment. 7.5% of the sale price of this product goes to WWF UK, a registered charity in England & Wales (1081247).

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