Our Mission

Zaggora gives $5 from every order to support women in the developing world.

Since 2003, Zaggora Founder Dessi Bell has been working with Gravis, a charity based in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. Gravis works with the United Nations Deve­lopment Program and hundreds of other organizations to support around 1,2 million people and their families living in over 1,300 remote villages.

One of the flagship programs of Gravis is supporting women by creating community groups to form businesses to improve their livelihoods and education. This is the program Zaggora supports.

Zaggora Giving

Dessi first travelled there to work with Gravis when she was a student during her summer vacation. The experience changed her life and she’s been helping women ever since. We’re pleased to announce we give $5 from every Zaggora order to Gravis to continue their wonderful work as a leading NGO in India.

Why Gravis? Not least because of Dessi’s personal relationship but because the Thar Desert receives less than 200 mm of rain water a year. It’s the size of the UK and one of the most challenging environments on Earth. Gravis focuses on improving the lives of women, local water security, health, education, community development, sustainable farming and research.

All this means that the lives of the women and families who live there are better, healthier and happier. Dessi has personally sponsored several community groups of women, who use the money to form small businesses to profoundly improve their lives.The reports on the progress of these com­munity groups is shared with us every 3 months and we’ll be sharing them with you too.

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