Celebrity Workout in Zaggora

We love a good celebrity workout here at Zaggora (we read all the magazines). Since 2011, we've been blessed to have a large following of over 500,000 fans on social media.

Here's a selection of some of our 'famous fans' in the US and the UK - spotted wearing Zaggora and sharing their celebrity workout routines. Zaggora clothing helps you burn more calories by using your body heat.

Denise Richards

celebrity workout

We're big fans of Denise, who looks amazing for 41. She loves a celebrity workout. We sent her some Zaggora to try which she wear's during her celebrity workout in Beverly Hills. In the pictures, snapped whilst Denise was taking a run in Hollywood during her celebrity workout, are the Blue Viva Zaggora Hotpants (which we release in the summer season). 

The Daily Mail article wrote that 'the mother-of-three finished her outfit off by wearing her long blonde hair tied in a loose side ponytail, and clutched a bottle of water to ensure she stayed hydrated throughout her workout.'

Zaggora Hotpants target the thighs, stomach and, well, errm, your bum. They help burn calories when you're active using special Thermofit fabrics. Of course, it has to be part of a calorie controlled diet. You can read the full article about Denise Richards wearing Zaggora and her celebrity workout here in The Daily Mail.

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Stacy Kiebler

celebrity workout

Stacy Kiebler seems to have it all. 'She's got legs for days, she's gorgeous and she was dating George Clooney' said the Examiner after they printed these pics of Stacy before her workout.

EOnline also shared these photos of Stacy, George Clooney's ex girlfriend, wearing Zaggora Hotpants Capri before her workout in Hollywood, Los Angeles. In fact, Stacy was one of the first women in the US to try Zaggora soon after we launched. EOnline also noted she was reading lines for a new part she was taking auditions for in Hollywood(in her hand). Thanks to the lovely girls over at The Examiner, they wrote rave reviews about Zaggora along with the piece about Stacy (at least one thing they could share with her). You can read the full Examiner piece on Stacy wearing Zaggora and her celebrity workout here. 

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Millie Mackintosh

celebrity workout

Millie Mackintosh, the Made in Chelsea Tv star, was spotted by The Daily Mail wearing her Zaggora Hotpants and carrying one of our retail bags before we was getting married to Professor Green. The 23 year old was snapped whilst stocking up on some of our Zaggora Active wear when shopping on London's Kings Road.


She was wearing a pair of Zaggora Capri 2.0 leggings before she went off to the gym for her celebrity workout with a personal trainer.Before she married Professor Green, Millie wore Zaggora for her workouts, ate healthy from the Health food range and had a Nutrionist to help her reach her goals. In addition to starring on TV and being married to Professor Green, the popular British music artist, Millie also has her own clothing brand (we're fans) called, well, Millie Mackintosh.  

She's also got quite the following on Twitter (809k followers). You can read the full DailyMail article here. 

Holly Willoughby & Fearne Cotton

celebrity workout

In 2012, The Daily Mail wrote this piece about our Zaggora Hotpants and mentioned a few celebrity fans, including Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Tess Daly - who we also mention below.After Zaggora launched in 2011, sales of Zaggora Hotpants exploded, largely because of great reviews and a huge social media following. After a few years, we've now sold over 1 million products to women in 144 countries around the world.The Daily Mail Femail team quickly became fans of the product, after the first journalist to try them lost a jean size after 2 weeks of wearing a trial pair we'd sent her. The Daily Mail also explained how the product works, using natural body temperature to heat you up. You can read the full DailyMail Article here.

Kristin Cavallari

celebrity workout

In 2012, the Daily Mail wrote about Kristin Cavallari, reality TV Star from the MTV show 'The Hills', working out in Los Angeles after she had a baby boy. Kristin is wearing a pair of the Blue Viva Hotpants which we release in the summer. It's the same style worn by Hollywood star Denise Richards above. Kristin was looking to lose the baby weight in her celebrity workout with a personal trainer after she had a baby boy a month earlier.

Inspired by Kristin and other celebrity workout tips, we wrote a post about how to lose the baby weight the easy way which you can read here.Kristin was one of the first celebrities to wear Zaggora in the early days of the business. You can read about how Zaggora started in our post here. Married to NFL  star  Jay Cutler, Kristin introduced their new baby to fans on Twitter. You can read the full Daily Mail article about Kristin doing her celebrity workout in Zaggora right here.


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