Calf-length HotPants 2.0 Capri use our exclusive fabric technology to optimise the effects of any activity.

The longest length of HotPants 2.0 gets your legs hot all the way down to your calves. Thinner, stronger fabric, an improved anti-irritant waistband, and a flexible compression fit are some of the features that make HotPants 2.0 Capri one of our most popular styles ever. Get hot and feel amazing with these capri pants.


Made of: 58.2% Neoprene, 20.9% Polyester, 20.9% Nylon


To find the size that's right for you, click the Size Chart link above, below the size options.


Follow instructions on the product label. Do not tumble dry.

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Zaggora founder Dessi

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Love the 2.0 Capris!! Review by terri

I now have several styles of Hotpants & the by far the cut of the 2.0 regular top capris fit me the best. The highrise capris are too snug around the waist for me and the foldover Viva types are a bit too loose & I keep pulling at them to keep them up. This is my new favorite Hotpants. I also love the 3.0 regular waist shorts. Please keep this type of waist cut in the future!
I SWEAT in these and find that I workout longer because my muscles feel warm and wonderful. I also do not ache the next day from having too good of a workout.
I am a size 10/12 US and Large fits me just right.

(Posted on 22/07/2014)
Ordered a larger size Review by Peace

This material is different from the original, its tighter and pulls you in more. I ordered a larger size after I ordered the Flares 2.0 and saw that they were tighter, runs smaller. I'm going to return the Flares for a larger size. These are perfect, just make sure to order the right size!!

(Posted on 02/05/2014)
Just got mine, I'm so excited!! Review by Yaya Queen

So I received my order today. I ordered two Capri 2.0 pants. A medium for myself and an xl for my oldest daughter. We have both decided to get in shape. We want to be healthy and toned. I have been working out in and off for the last three years but have hit a plateau. I need to loose my last ten pounds and even if I work out all day every day it seems to just want to stay there. My daughter now has been motivated enough to begin working out as well. So we both decided to take the challenge. I got my order in less than a week. As soon as I received the order earlier today I rushed to open the bag and slap them on. I was so excited that I wanted to get to the gym right away. I wanted to get my daughter to go with me but she decided to stay. I wish she was as motivated as me. I will get her there I know I can :) . So anyways I just came back from the gym after two hours of working out I was dripping wet. Soaking wet all over! even places that I didn't know could sweat got all sweaty. Lol enough said. I am so happy and am looking forward to my future results.

(Posted on 18/04/2014)
Get a workout...While not working out. Review by Rachael

I just got my first pair of Zaggora pants this morning, I ordered the 2.0 Capri. I am 5'2, weighing 135 pounds. I ordered a small, because I am very curvy and I did not think the XS would be able to comfortably cover my butt. The small is the tiniest bit too big - a little loose near my belly button but they do fit and plan on keeping them. I put them on and started my morning routine, ate breakfast, styled my hair, brushed my teeth, threw on a sweatshirt and ran some errands...Nothing strenuous or even a workout. Two hours later I went to change into my work clothes and I was SHOCKED, I was soaked in sweat wherever the pants covered and I didn't even feel it! I honestly didn't even know I was sweating. I'm going to order another pair, an XS, so I can wear them leisurely and for workout.

(Posted on 25/03/2014)
They're awesome! Review by Katrina

I love these Capri 2.0's!!! I had the original flares and nude shorts - my kids joked that I was going scuba diving! But the 2.0 work just like they say and aren't as "swishy" while I'm working out. My legs are already sweating just walking to the gym door from my car! I've worn the size SM every day I've been to the gym, which is 4 days a week for the last 5 weeks. Along with a few tweeks to my nutrition I've gone down from a size 7/8 to 4/5!!! Wish I took measurements before I started losing inches. Oh well, time to get the XS!!!

(Posted on 11/03/2014)
Love my Hotpants Review by Caitlin

Love Zaggora's branding and fun designs! But I still like my black Capris best - they always give me a good workout and I feel like I really have exercised more than I would otherwise. Keep the great designs coming Zaggora!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
good Review by Neve

Nice workout pants that really do the job. Sometimes they can be a little 'swishy' sounding but that is a small price to pay for the benefit you get! I lost 5 pounds when I first bought them and they consistently make my skin feel incredibly smooth.

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Merry Christmas to me! Review by Sasha V

I love my Capris so much I am buying myself a second pair for Christmas this year. A girl's gotta treat herself right? :)

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Winter warmers oh yeah! Review by Jennifer

The Capri hotpants are sooo good for winter, they really warm you up and the feeling after you work out in them is amazing. I'll be using them a lot in the coming months!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Love Capris Review by Jen

I have several varieties of Hotpants but the Capri length is my favorite one. During this time of year especially. It keeps my knees nice and warm (hot actually!) so if I'm jogging outside I do not feel the cold!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
My favorite leggings Review by Geraldine

Putting hotPants on is serious business, and I wear mine all day! They are very comfortable so I don't even notice I have them on until the end of it, when I take them off and see how much I've sweated.

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Hot Hot Hot!! Review by Cammie

Love my Zaggora pants! They keep you warm and do amazing things to your skin. Mine has never been smoother on my thighs and hips!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
They do work! Review by Joan P

You may be sceptical like I was, but believe me they do heat you up!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Reliable Review by Sammy

I've had my Capris for 1 year now and they have held up really well. I'm thinking of getting a color of the Viva ones next but the black look good with any top and are still comfortable!

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Awesome workout pants Review by Val

My sister is a big fan of Zaggora clothing and convinced me to try a pair. How glad am I that I did? I LOVE them. They're so comfortable and you really do sweat more in them..

(Posted on 19/11/2013)
Shockingly they work! Review by Emma

Been wearing these for 2 weeks and lost 2 inches off my bum and inch off thighs and waist! I wear them for walking dogs so twice a day each walk over an hour long. Love them and gonna be ordering more next month!!

(Posted on 16/08/2013)
You want results, wear HotPants!! Review by Jessica A.

I have to say these HotPants are AMAZING!!! I started working out again just a month ago. 4 times a week, for about 1hr - 1hr and a half. Cardio, machines, sit ups. I'm sweating the whole time and I love it. In a month I have went down one pant size, from a 9 to a 7. I initially baught a size medium because I was a size large. Also, they leave my skin feeling smooth. The medium capris are now loose on me so I will deff be purchasing another pair in a sm as well as try a HotTop...These pants are deff worth your money and give you great results!!! Thank you!!!!

(Posted on 16/05/2013)
They hug my curves! Review by Constance

I'm a full bottomed woman and actually was skeptical that the capris would cover me. To my surprise, I was thrilled that they came up to my crotch, covered my tummy and although could not come up to my waist in the rear, they hugged my bum! That was a week ago. Today my capris are sliding on much easier and although havent reached my waist in the back, the are actually farther up on my bottom than last week! Did I stretched the capris out or is it true that they are working! This is unreal! I work out five days a week, mostly weight lifting but will incorporate cardio for sure! I can't wait to finish my two-week challenge! Thank you Zaggora for keeping the curvy women in mind! One more thing, the seams are ingenious! I love how the lay flat and no pulling away from the material, and I do squats religiously, so I'm always inspecting them. I'm pumped!

(Posted on 16/05/2013)
I love zaggora Review by chris

I have a pair of zaggora shorts and love them.... would love to try the new lighter capri pants as they look like a sexy way to lose weight!

(Posted on 16/05/2013)
IT WORKS Review by Elena

I have a friend who introduces Zagorra in her TLD workout studio here in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and now most of all her customers are wearing the hot pants and best of all it works!! People are seeing results in their work out and more and more customers in her studio are buying one or more like in my case... Thanks to her and Zagorra I am sweating more during my workout and seeing marvellous results. :)

(Posted on 09/04/2013)
These are The Best Review by Vernell

I've been using these pants for a while I went from a size 18-20 to a 13-14 the inches are dropping off. Now I'm buying a smaller size. And buying my little sis. some. These are great pants.

(Posted on 29/03/2013)
Honestly won't exercise in anything else Review by Joanna

Admittedly I was quite sceptical if my Capri HotPants would work, however they have now been renamed in my house to 'my skinny leggings' - they really do work!

I've just finished my 2 week challenge combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise and lost 8 inches in total - I couldn't be more pleased.

Fantastic product with great results, Thank you zaggora!

(Posted on 22/02/2013)
Love love love! Review by Anonymous

I ordered my first pair of capris,I didn't know what to expect.I recieved them 10 days after my order was placed,which surprised me being that I had read it may be up to 20 days.Im really excited to start wearing during my daily 5 mile walks.They feel great and they don't make any squishy sounds while Im walking.Will defiantly recommend to friends.

(Posted on 11/02/2013)
Love the Capris!!! Review by Mary Reynolds

I got Capris and they ROCK! I love them and am thinking about another pair. Very comfortable and great for running in...LOVE THEM !

(Posted on 01/02/2013)
Will Not Exercise in Anything Else! Review by CC

I have the Shorts and Capri style in the old AND new versions. I really LOVE them all! In mid October 2012, I started walking on the treadmill about 5 days a week while wearing my Zaggora. Happy to report, I keep going back to the store to buy smaller and smaller skinny jeans! In 3 months, I dropped from a size 10 or 12 to a size 4 or 6!!! I still can not believe it! My friend's are SO amazed when they see me. I know that ZAGGORA has helped me achieve my goals. A big thanks to you! I plan to keep up the "new" me in 2013!

(Posted on 23/01/2013)
week 1 Review by Tara

I started using my pants and jacket a week ago and I've just noticed that I should have been keeping the gear on after exercise for maximum benefit. I'm still happy with my results so far though as I've already shed 14 inches total from my 'problems areas' and I've not done any more than 30 minutes walking/jogging for 5 out of 7 days. (And I've been finishing off the Christmas cake too!)

(Posted on 15/01/2013)
The best workout pants Review by ELOISA

I bought my hot pants about 4 months ago & I used it every time I go to my Zumba class bout 3 times a week. Since then I have lost 20 lbs. went from size 13 to 7. I love my hot pants :)

(Posted on 07/01/2013)
Step up from the original Hotpants Review by Manjiet

I have been wearing my capris 2 .0. ,for a couple of weeks now.I am so glad I purchased the latest version. I am very happy with the original Hotpants but these are definately a step up. They are much thinner ,lighter and more flexible and if possible more comfy than the original Hotpants .They also dry much quicker which is a big bonus in this weather. Definately will be recommending these to my friends

(Posted on 03/12/2012)
LOVE Review by Anonymous

They really do increase the heat!! I like them for under my sweat pants in the winter! They are the only thing I have ever owned that keep my thighs and butt warm in the winter (and I have lived in the Great White North all my life).
My only negative comment is that that are "swishy". I have to wear pants over them as they make a swishy sound when the fabric rubs on itself. I am hoping that this will go away as I get to be a smaller size :)

(Posted on 30/10/2012)
Love Them Review by Anonymous

I got a pair of these to wear under my exercise shorts. But I stopped wearing the shorts. These a very comfortable and they make me sweat like crazy. I wear them while I do the Insanity program and my socks, shoes, and underwear are all soaked by the end of the 45 minute workout. I have to peel them off, literally. I don't know if it's the pants, the Insanity, or both but I love the way they are making my legs and tummy look. I'm about a size 10 and the large is a little big on me but not too bad.

(Posted on 10/09/2012)
Just had to write a review! Review by Sarah Marshall

prior buying my zaggora hotpants I did a little research, and found no one could say a bad word about the product, where these people being paid? or was it just an amazing product.

I can confirm it is the latter! Putting them on you don’t really feel the heat straight away, (sitting down your tush will feel warm) but it is when you start to move about you feel the heat! They feel like you are wearing 3 pairs of black leggins on a hot summer day.

The first day I got them i decided to break them in easy. A walk to the shops, easy right? It’s only a 20 min walk there and back. About half way there I started to notice my whole body warming up, not just my legs (although they were hotter than the rest of me) on my way back I had sweat beading on my forehead and lower back, looking around seeing people in jumpers and coats, and me with a thin jacket on, this couldn’t be right? I was sweating like it was 40'c heat!

Pulling them off revealed just how much i sweated. Wow, it was a lot (and I’m no sweaty Betty).

one down side is that the end of the legs seemed to be a bit big for my legs (but maybe that’s just because I’m short).

Also, Zaggora's customer service is amazing, they quickly replied with answers to my question, (I was expecting to get fobbed off by a 'automatic-reply-email-5000').

(Posted on 10/09/2012)
Amazing Review by Caroline

I have a pair of the blue viva capris and I loved them but he new 2.0 are even better !! They are so much easier to get on and feel so much lighter, yet do exactly the same thing ! I ordered he longer style and the hot pants in medium - currently uk size 16 - and was a bit wary about the sizing but they fit just right. Love the black as I do end up sweating a LOT and you can't see the sweat marks like I do on my vivas. Highly recommend this product and will be getting more when these get too big !

(Posted on 03/09/2012)
LOVE my Hotpants!!! Review by Anonymous

Just ordered my second pair because the first ones are too big now!!! These really work and are comfortable too!!!

(Posted on 29/08/2012)
Thicker material than I expected. Review by Anonymous

I was suprised about the fabric (as I've never owned a pair before) and its a bit like wetsuit material. After the wriggly pull-on-my-zaggora dance they are pretty comfy. I will try them out in the gym on monday.

(Posted on 11/08/2012)
zaggor's are awesome Review by jean

it would be really nice to try a pair of the new lighter capri pants..i have the shorts and love them..

(Posted on 11/08/2012)
Amazing! Review by Gemma

I have the hotpants but would like to buy the longer version, these work "does exactly what it says on the tin"

(Posted on 09/08/2012)
i love my zaggora Review by Anonymous

i have two pair of the shorts and i would love to try the lighter capri pants.

(Posted on 06/08/2012)
Fantastico!! Review by Anonymous

I would love a pair of these..only the pennies cannot stretch that far!!

(Posted on 02/08/2012)
Give me morra zaggora Review by loulou

i have the shorts and at first was very sceptical ,but to my suprise in only two weeks people were asking me had i lost weight !!!! i say zaggora all the way, i would really love to try the long hotpants 2.0 and would recommend them to anyone trying to lose excess weight !! brilliant x

(Posted on 11/04/2012)

ThermoFit Technology is a multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories.


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Denise Richards
Denise Richards

Actress Denise Richards sported a pair of bright blue Viva HotPants during a workout in LA last July.

Stacy Keibler
Stacy Kiebler

Actress/model Stacy Keibler went with our bestselling HotPants 2.0 Capri when she was snapped this year.

Millie Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh

Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh was seen in a pair of our HotPants 2.0 Capri this May in London.

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari, alum of The Hills, wore blue Viva HotPants when she worked out in LA this past October.



Zaggora founder Dessi had trouble finding time in her hectic work schedule to get fit for her wedding. When she couldn’t find a solution to her problem, she decided to make her own.

From the beginning, when we went straight to real women to test our original HotPants, we put what they wanted front and center. We’re still asking fans and customers what they want to see next.

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I bought HotPants in the hopes of losing the last of my stubborn baby weight and improving the appearance of the dreaded cellulite. Two weeks later the results were fantastic! A few months later they were even better.

After having 3 babies and putting on almost 4 stone with each pregnancy, I really thought I’d have a big struggle on my hands to lose the weight and improve the cellulite, but my HotPants made it a breeze.

Award Winning

We’re excited to be winner of the National Business Award for E-Commerce Strategy of the Year!

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Here’s founder Dessi with our award on the homepage of the National Business Awards!

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The Kings Road Sporting Club, a premium fitness destination in London’s Chelsea, hosts a Zaggora pop-up with select items.

The famous Selfridges is one of London’s most iconic department stores. Find Zaggora in their new 3rd floor denim room!

Zaggora regularly hosts pop-up boutiques at select branches of luxury fitness club Equinox, which was voted the best gym in America by Fitness Magazine.


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